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Monday, July 11, 2011

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Sunday, April 3, 2011


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The wedding vows is the first ceremony on Day two..finally the the historical and tension moment.

In Javanese wedding, the culture and the religion will be blended on this day, but you can always opt to have religion ceremony only for the wedding vows. The place which ceremony be held, is optional, you can do this at the mosque, church, house, or directly at the reception building

If you will mix this with Javanese culture, the ceremony will be started with delegation of the Groom by his family member to the Bride's family member. Symbolize that the Groom has been ready to marry the bride. The Groom will be accompany by his 2 uncles or brother and 1 of elderly who will deliver the speech. The bride's family will accept him with 2 companion and also elderly who will answer the speech.

After the brief speech and shake hands on both family, the Groom will be accompanied by the Bride's family entering the hall and he may sit on the prepared chair with "keris" or Javanese traditional weapon taken from his back.

As the Groom ready, the Bride will enter the hall accompany by her 2 aunties and be seated next to the Groom. The Wedding Vows ceremony shall begin with religion accordance.