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Saturday, March 19, 2011


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"The last meal", I think we can call it that way. It is a stage of ceremony prior midodareni evening, when the parents of bride and groom to be will feed them their last meal as if in their childhood, and their soon will be married and not will be under the parents supervision anymore.

On this stage, "Nasi Tumpeng, a cone formed rice, with its variety of side dishes will be prepared. Father will cut the top of the cone and mother will pick the side dishes, every details of the side dishes for Javanese people has their own meaning. As egg that symbolize expectation that the bride will soon be pregnant, vegetable or "sayur mayur" will put hope that the couple will be loved by their family or "sedulur" in Javanese term. The rest of the cone will be cut in for direction which symbolize the point arrow, North, South, East and West which will vanish their trouble in their life.

Soon, after making up and as the bride and groom ready, this stage of ceremony could be done in a beautiful decorated area.