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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


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This is one a full of excitement part in Siraman ceremony prior Midodareni evening. "Melepas Ayam" I couldn't find the right translation for this, but literally it means releasing a chicken. For the bride's family the parents will release a hen, and for the groom's a rooster.

The meaning for this part is that the parents has letting go their children to go outside their house, finding a new path with their chosen one and hopefully able to live the life independently without their parents help.

Every guests is very exciting for this ceremony, the father will take sides and together with her wife release the chicken to the air. The lucky one can catch it and bring it home.

The funny thing about the hen which released at this ceremony, when it lay eggs, the same time I know that I'm pregnant.. haha..whether it was just a coincidence.. or a fulfilled expectation...

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