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Thursday, February 17, 2011


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Now that you have read the stages of ceremony day 1 and 2, I would like to get you further to know about the details of every stages.

In this posting, I will explain about what is BLEKETEPE and TUWUHAN

Bleketepe & Tuwuhan ceremony will be take place in bride's house, this is because in Javanese Wedding, usually Bride's parents is the host of the wedding.

All of ceremony towards the wedding will be led by a well experienced Master of Ceremony. She will open the event and let all the guests surround the front gate of Bride's house to see the Bleketepe and Tuwuhan ceremony.

In the ancient time, when he was about to celebrate his daughter's wedding, Ki Jaka Tarub, One of most legendary figure of Java, use bleketepe which is made from webbing of green coconut leaves as a tent to cover his guests who were coming and grouping on his yard. Nowadays the tradition is being continued.

As you can see that Bleketepe is sized around 90cmx60xm, this green coconut webbing will be framed at the housetop by the father of the bride and helped by his wife and other child managing the ladder.

This traditional ceremony will also using traditional outfit. Father will use a Javanese tux, wrapped cloth, traditional hat and slippers. Therefore it will be slight difficult to father for stepping ladder in that outfit.

Father should be very careful when he is stepping the ladder. A practice using sarong for stepping ladder before the event would be a very useful thing.

After framing in Bleketepe has finished, the master of ceremony will lead the parents bride to open the cover of tuwuhan which already placed in both right and left of the front gate.

Each Tuwuhan is consist of plantain, red sugar cane, green coconut, and many kind of leaves, are symbolizing hope for couples to have a respectful life, act wise, fulfilled needs, and free from troubles.

Then, bride's parents will put paddies to complete the Tuwuhan and hope that the couple will soon endowed many children.

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