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Friday, February 25, 2011


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Sungkeman is a very emotional moment whereas the bride and the groom will ask for forgiveness and permission from their parents for marrying their chosen one. The bride and the groom will utter their feeling of gladness and gratitude for being raised by the parents. They are apologizing for many mistakes which has been done along the years. In the end they will utter that they have been in love and wills to marry. They are hoping that the parents will bless the wedding, so that they will live happily ever after.

In this moment parents will give their permit and blessing also pray that their love child will live happily ever after.

The ceremony shall begin when the bride and groom in their separate house come out from a room and accompany by 2 aunties or 2 uncles. The Javanese master of ceremony will sing a Javanese song in their way out, which telling a story about bride / groom. This is a very thrilling moment. The bride / groom will be guided to Sungkeman place which has been prepared, and give salutation to their parents.

The bride and groom should be sit lower than the parents as symbol of their respect. Salutation will begin before the speech. With a graceful movement, bride and groom will come forward to the parents and start Sungkem (bend over to the parents knee) to their father continue with the mother. Should the bride and groom still have a grandparents the Sungkeman will be done to them too. Sungkeman to the eldest sister should be done to take permission should the Bride / Groom will be marry first and stepping their brother / sister.

In this ceremony the bride and groom are using a traditional Javanese outfit. Bride will use kebaya on top of Jumputan cloth which is going to be used in Siraman. After the Sungkeman finishes, the ceremony will be closed with photo with the family and bride / groom will change their outfit.

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