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Saturday, February 5, 2011


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You're about to married ? Congratulations !!

You will enter a phase with so may things to decide. Take your love ones and family to help yo with this.

After you decide that you will be marrying someone and the date, off course the next thing to do is decide THE WEDDING THEME: WHAT KIND OF WEDDING WHICH YOU'LL HAVE ? Will it be a NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL, OR THE COMPLETE CULTURAL WEDDING (Which is JAVANESE WEDDING that I will discuss further in this blog) ??

Some below questions will help you as guidance to decide a Javanese Wedding :

1. Are you a Javanese ? (you will see this from your mother or father lines)
2. Are your love ones is a Javanese ?
3. Or both of you could be not a Javanese but respect and willing to feel the enormous Java atmosphere in your wedding ?

3. Javanese wedding is a very beautiful with fascinating detail, yet in the preparation it is harsh and will need cooperation from your family and also your love ones. Are you both and big family READY for this ?

4. Do you and your family will be comfortable in using Javanese outfit?
For the male and female, they will not be wearing pants but a Javanese cloth ( we call this "jarik')which will be wrapped around and off course it will not be easy to go to the toilet. For the male pairs, a Javanese tux (we call this "Beskap" will be used) and not to forget "Belangkon" ( a traditional hat) with "Keris" ( a traditional weapon) and traditional sandals will be used during the ceremony. For the female, a big hairdo and kebaya as the pairs will be used.

This kind of outfit will be used in a long period of ceremony, 2 days in a row to be exact. And for you who is coming from different culture will not be used to this and will take some time and willingness to adapt for the culture.

If you and your family will GO with above things.. then we will continue with the other things to be prepared.

Remember, a wedding is not your and your love ones only decision.. Family discussion is the thing should be done prior determine your way.

Good Luck !!

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