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Thursday, February 10, 2011


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Wedding for Javanese people is consider as a sacred thing and will happen only once for a life time. After the wedding,both parents are hoping that the couple could unite happily and can conquer all of the problems which come to their marriage. The couples gifted with children and happy life. These all hopes are symbolized in every detail of ceremonies. Therefore for Javanese, wedding ceremonies are symbolizing stages of life, within it they are put hopes and their pray.

Stages of Ceremony Towards the Wedding Reception :
a. Bleketepe & Tuwuhan (This will be take place in bride's house, bleketepe is a symbol for tent and sign that the parents will held a wedding ceremony, meanwhile tuwuhan which consist of plantain, red sugar cane, green coconut, and many kind of leaves, are symbolizing hope for couples of a respectful life, act wise, fulfilled needs, and free from troubles)

b. Sungkeman (In this stage the bride and the groom will ask for forgiveness and permission from their parents to marry their chosen one)

c. Siraman (In this stage of ceremony, parents and elderly will bathing the bride and groom with flowers and water from the seven sources, so that they will be pure approaching their wedding day.

d. Potong Rikmo ( In this stage, after bathing, parents will cut a bit of bride's and groom's hair as a symbol of freeing them from trouble, the hair will be united and burried in bride's home)

e. Midodareni (This stage of ceremony is when groom with his family are coming to bride's home and bring many presents to the bride, they cannot meet each other, it is could be define as an act for the groom to declare that he is ready to marry the bride, and the bride is also agree to accept his love, at this stage, bride's father will read The Catur Wedha or 4 advices to live a marriage life)