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Monday, February 21, 2011


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Towards the Sungkeman and Siraman ceremony, there are things which need to be prepared. In the backyard, the wedding decorator has prepared a Siraman stage with the equipment and flowers which needed. After Bleketepe and Tuwuhan ceremony finished, the master of ceremony will advice guests to gather in the space which has been prepared.

Siraman stages is made from the webbing of coconut leaves and decorated with beautiful flowers at the top. It also completed with decorated seat and bowl for water.

Water from 7 source (could be from mosque, holy place, church, other place) has been prepared before the ceremony. Parents of the bride and groom will mix all of the water altogether with flowers and green coconut. The meaning of this stage is bathing the bride and groom with water which consider pure. Therefore their body and soul will be pure towards the wedding day.

As part of the ceremony, some of the mixed water at bride's house will be delivered to Groom's house by Bride's family. The water from Bride's house will add 6 water that has prepared by Groom's family. In return, the messenger will bring some of Groom's haircut to be planted in Bride's house.

The preparation in the Groom's house is similar with the Bride's house. After the messenger of water come to their house, parent's of the Groom will mix the water altogether with flowers and green coconut, which the water be used in Siraman of the Groom.

As the preparation for Siraman finishes, Sungkeman ceremony shall begin.

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